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*  Make your home warmer in winter, cooler in summer.

*  Protect your home from mould and mildew.

*  Guard against wind driven rain, leaks and drafts.

Reflective building foils can provide you and your home with many benefits but these products can only be installed at

the time of construction of your new home or extension.

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 Roof Sarking, wall Wrap Breather and Non Breather

Silver Floor

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Sarking and Wall Wrap

Economical and Effective

Insulation for the Australian climate


Trade Select Sarking   provides an excellent barrier to radiant heat, keeping buildings cool in summer and warmer in winter, saving energy and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. R Values are used to express the effectiveness of an insulation product. 

Metal roof

R1.5 Summer

 R0.9 Winter

Pitched tile roof

R1.5 Summer

R0.9 Winter


Polluted dust will enter the roof space. Over time this dust will transfer down through any gaps or openings into your living spaces.


Burning embers and fierce heat generated by bushfires can penertrate through the roof space. Most local councils in bushfire areas require all roofs to be sarked for this reason. 

Trade Select Sarking


Offers genuine protection for your

most costly investment.


Ridgecapping can become dislodged or broken allowing water leaks in the roof  space. Broken tiles allow water to entre roof space.

Water can severely damage plasterboard and timber in the ceilings. Moisture will  reduce the performance.

Trade Select Sarking acts as a radiant barrier to prevent heat radiant barrier to prevent heat from entering your home.

Radiant heat accounts for 87% of the total heat entering through the ceiling and 70% of the heat entering through the walls.



Trade Select Sarking   Extra tough is a five layer product with bright aluminium foil (tested to 97% reflectivity) to one side. The Substrate is an ultra-violet stabilised woven polymer withanti-oxidant, which provides superior tear resistance. It is corona-treated to ensure superior adhesion. With advanced laminating technology we manufacture a product that provides toughness and strength equal to, or better than, much heavier products manufactured with hot melt resins. Its durability is unsurpassed.  

Heating appliances will be able to operate more effciently during winter.  Trade Select Sarking will serve to help reflect the heat back into the building, creating an even temperature within the house.

By controlling the temperature within your home, heating and

cooling appliances are more effective thereby reducing the

operating costs. You help to reduce greenhouse gases whilst

saving yourself money.


Trade Select Sarking   Keeps out water and drafts by acting as a

second skin to your whole home. Sarking prevents ceiling damage, dust and meldew.

Brick veneer wall


Weatherboard Wall







Trade Select Sarking  Extra Tough Roof Sarking/Wall Wrap complies with AS/NZS 4200.1 and AS/NZS 4859.1 and therefore satisfies all requirements of the building code of Australia. Trade Select Sarking is a registered trade mark of Ametalin Pty Ltd.


SILVERFLOOR is conveniently installed by rolling the roll along the tops of the joists, keeping the material under tension with one hand and fastening with a hammer stapler. To ensure maximum durability, galvanised staples should be used.

SILVERFLOOR is not designed to withstand prolonged direct exposure to the elements. Accordingly, upon application of this product the floor or roof should be installed without delay.


SILVERFLOOR  Tested for Flammability of Materials AS1530.2-1993

                         Heat Factor                   1

                         Spread Factor               0

                         Flammability Index        1


The maximum allowed for designation “low” flammability is an index of 5. SILVERFLOOR far surpasses this requirement.

BCA Compliant

SILVERFLOOR Extra Tough complies with AS/NZS 4200.1 and AS/NZS 4859.1 and therefore satisfies all requirements of the Building Code of Australia.

Total R Values

These system R values are intended to apply to typical site conditions and to the range of climatic conditions typical of mainland Australian capital cities. 

They have been calculated by an independent consulting engineer in accordance with Australia/New Zealand Standard AS/NZS 4859.1.

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